Music / Post-Production / RECORDING / MixING / Mastering

Based 20 minutes from Nantes, near Montaigu (Vendée - France), WooDBox Studio seals the meeting of vintage and modern  hardwares : Summit, Universal Audio, Funky Junk Industry, Audient, SPL, BSS, Trident, Focusrite, Symetrix, Dbx, SSL, Chandler, Elysia, Focal, Neumann, Electrovoice, Audio-Technica, MXL, Shure, Audix, Cad, Sennheiser ....


The control room is composed of a set of analog and digital devices and remains consistent with an image: vintage and modern.

The entire control room is acoustically treated and has air conditioning.



Both live rooms have been studied to provide a versatile solution to recordings. Equipped with an acoustic studied and adjustable according to needs, they communicate with each other by large windows.

It is then easy to record live in sections, in order to keep the overall dynamics of a band.