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Mastering Stéréo & Mastering en Stems

I realize all the productions in the studio. This has two sound recording booths, this allows recording in semi-live via 24 simultaneous inputs.

My role is not only to do Recording , but it is above all to bring a new look to your project, and that while respecting your artistic choices

However, some projects need to have a specific and different space. This is why I can move with the necessary equipment in order to be able to take the sound recordings.

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Mixing and Mixing online

The hybrid configuration of the studio meets the expectations of groups or labels seeking a link between a hot sound typed and a flexible working solution. The studio is organized and stuctured around different machines, linking the best of analog and digital.


The success of a mix does not depend on your presence at the studio, only the listening I bring to your music. The goal is to bring life and create exactly the sound you have in mind.

  • Transfer and Analysis of your tracks

  • Track processing

  • Mixing of the whole

  • Export "Stereo Analog Bus Out" or "Analog Stems"

  • Reamping, if necessary your guitars and Bass

Online mixing. You can attend the session remotely thanks to our live streaming listening system


From your home, you attend live with HD listening (44.1 Khz / 16 bits) at the mixing session. We exchange via Skype or FB messenger.

Mixage Online.

Vous pouvez assister à distance à la session grâce à notre système d'écoute en direct streaming

De chez vous, vous assistez en live avec une écoute HD (44.1 Khz/16 bits) à la séance de mixage. Nous échangeons via Skype ou FB messager.